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Agencies & Brands

Connect with the World's Most In-Demand Audience

We empower advertising agencies and brands to engage with the gaming audience across the largest and most renowned video games, all while preserving the gaming experience.

Unparalleled Game Portfolio

An exclusive partnership network with renowned game publishers, providing access to a diverse range of gaming titles that cater to various demographics. Collaborate with us to reach elusive audiences across premium games, ensuring your message is integrated into the gaming environment.

Immersive, Contextual Advertising

We specialize in delivering immersive, contextual ads that feel like a natural part of the gaming universe. Enhance the realism of gameplay by placing your brand within the game world, creating memorable experiences that resonate with players without causing disruption.

Advanced Targeting with First-Party Data

Our in-game advertising solutions are powered by first-party data, enabling precise audience targeting. Reach the right gamers at the right time, blending your brand into the gaming experience.

Trusted, Transparent Advertising

We prioritize brand safety and transparency. We adhere to industry standards and collaborate with trusted partners to ensure your in-game ads are delivered in a brand-safe, fraud-free environment. Benefit from our real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics via the Renovi HUB, allowing you to measure the success of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Elevate your in-game advertising strategy with Renovi and unlock the potential of seamless engagement within the gaming world


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